What is genealogy?

Genealogy is the consolidation of several information that allows us to identify who are our parents, our uncles, aunts, and later, our ancestors, date of birth, date of death, who they married etc. It is a mine of information that allows us as an individual family to bring us a sense of social identity.

There are three types of genealogy. There is first the genealogy backward, which is up from generation to generation until you reach your ancestors who came to settle in Canada. Following this first step, you can now make your genealogy down.So starting with your ancestor, you go down from generation to generation by following the evolution of each family branch. After completing this step, it’ll just complete your genealogy related the doings aisne events that members of your family.

Completing the first step is accessible to everyone. How to run? Well, the first thing to do is start with a sheet include your name, then your parents. Then you go to the next generation, either to include the name of your grandparents.

Bravo! You have already three generations. Skip to the next generation. Do you know your great-grandparents? Yes? No? Your parents, themselves, probably know the name of their grandparents or at least they can have a vague memory.Your parents, your uncles and aunts had the habit of writing all these little details in a book carefully preserved. Never mind, you have probably an uncle or aunt who may have memories fresher in his memory. Perhaps this information is already contained in a small notebook in which you will find a wealth of information.

After an hour or two or at most a week before, you should have a table.

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