Many projects were proposed at the foundation general assembly held in St-Edouard de Frampton on August 26th 2000 :



The web site project will soon become a reality with the help of one of our member, Benoît Faucher from St-Jovite. As you can see, the english translation is well on the way and almost complete.


Creating a crest for all the Faucher and Foucher ancestors descendants remain a priority as soon as we have gather enough historical information on all different ancestors so the basic element can appear into this crest. This project will be given to a heraldry specialist. This project should also interest anybody who has drawing talents. Take your pencils and go!!!


The preparation of a genalogical dictionnary of the Faucher, Foucher, Châteauvert and Saint-Maurice is well on the way by a group of people named for this task. This is a long term project and will take quite a number of hours for research, verification of the original documents, and computerized data and the collaboration of many members of the Association and their family to complete the presentday informations. It is very important for all Faucher, Foucher, Châteauvert and Saint-Maurice, member or non-member, to complete the Association genealogical survey available at the Association. This will ensure that their names are all in this dictionnary.

As of end of September, more than 5 000 marriage have been compiled. We will inform you in the Association bulletin La Faucheraie. Please follow-up on this project because we will definitly need your help for the presentday information (20th century).

Again, the best way to help us in this project is to fill in the Association genealogical survey to the best of your knowledge and to send it back to us. If you have any doubtful information, please ask your eldest to help you and send-it back, even if it is not fully completed.. If you required a form, please feel free to contact us at the following e-mail address:

Request for a genealogical survey form:

Also anybody who would like to join this group of research or if you have family documentation that you would like to share with us, please feel free again to contact us at the e-mail address:

Family information for genealogy survey :

We will take the opportunity to explain how the survey works.


To make it simple and to accelerate recruting and to preserve members to stay with the Association, it will be important to put together and to mandate regional comities to organize activities and recruting in their own regions.


In a long term perspective, a big meeting will take place as soon as the Association gathers all Faucher, Foucher, Châteauvert and Saint-Maurice from Quebec and elsewhere. We will need your cooperation in doing so by recruting as much people as you can in your family, at work or at family reunion.


Another short term project, depending on how many members are interested, is a trip to France. This trip to France should be a well prepared one and will be a great opportunity to visit our cousins from France and renew with our ancestors villages.