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  1. Here are the Internet sites on which it is directly question the genealogy of the families Faucher, Foucher, Châteauvert and St-Maurice. To be able to access it, you have to apply to the following address: Martinchateauvert@hotmail.com. On the site myheritage.fr , you can add and correct the data.  How to enlarge your tree? Here is a video that shows how to use the features of MyHeritage to learn more about your parents and ancestors. Integrated automated technologies will bring significant discoveries as your tree grows.

Video How to enlarge your tree?

Les Faucher et Foucher : A) Genealogy of the Faucher and the Foucher of Île d’orleans, B) Genealogy of Anne-Marie Faucher, C) Genealogy of Madame Madeleine Faucher, wife of Gilles Groulx, to whom we owe a databank of more than 45000 names.

  • Les Châteauvert :  Martin Châteauvert’s genealogy
  • Les Saint-Maurice : Yves Saint-Maurice Genealogy
  1. Internet Sites on which the genealogy of the families Faucher, Foucher, St-Maurice and Châteauvert is secondary but presents:

Mr. Groulx’s genealogy

Genealogy software

  1. Family Tree Builder : The most popular genealogy software in the world. Used by millions of people around the world, family tree Builder helps you to search your family history, build your genealogy tree and add photos, historical documents and more Still.

Family trees

  1. Family Tree Maker

Ancestry.com Inc. creator of Family Tree Maker is the largest genealogical for-profit company in the world. It helps millions of people to know more about their bloodlines and ancestors. It was formerly known as the network of generations, and is currently a private Internet aid company based in Provo, Utah. The company’s program covers a broad network of genealogical and historical documents and information. The documents are mainly focused on the United States, but also includes nine foreign countries.
Users can access this information through various websites operated under this company. In addition to Ancestry.com, its featured site, there are also Archives.com, Fold3.com, ProGenealogists, 1000memories.com, Newspapers.com, Genealogy.com, MyFamily.com, and Rootsweb.com. To date, this company has provided more than 11 billion records, and 40 million of family trees. There are also over 2 million of paying subscribers who benefit from the wealth of information available on all programs.
This family history software developed and marketed by family Tree Maker is currently taking the first place in market sales. The fluidity of use of its interface and the simplicity of its allure are felt by several users. All these features make this program very popular and help the user to find his origin and his ancestors.

  1. Hérédis

All the features to succeed its genealogy …

Heredis genealogy software is your best ally for your family trees and genealogical research. In total, you will find more than 150 features to create, enrich, share and tell the story of your ancestors. An unequalled functional richness!

Much more than a genealogy software …

Recognized for its Know-How, its Self-Help community And its software innovations whose Automated Search for Premium ancestors, Heredis has included in its approach the quality of the products and services as well as the user Satisfaction.

  1. Mes-arbres.net

The Mes-arbres.net service is in place on the internet and has a great success. Drop your genealogies on the site, it’s simple and it’s free : My family Trees

  1. Genealogy Software: Généatique

From capturing your ancestors to printing of family trees, Généatique is the Genealogy software of reference to properly drive your Genealogy.

Create your family tree

Look at how to seize each person and develop your family tree: the first card, the parents, the spouses …

Discover all the possibilities of the software, its editions and the richness of the content!

Watch the other videos of Généatique!

A pleasant vision

The family tree is still on the screen.

Essential to Visualize and understand kinship links … At the top, the family tree and at the bottom, the entry form!

A wide variety of family trees

Généatique offers more than 100 Tree Models To represent your genealogy:

  • Ascending and descending trees
  • Trees of classic, circular or chronological shape

Accessible in 2 clicks, the Trees Print and export (PDF format…) and templates are customizable.



  1. Brother’s Keeper

The first software we recommend is Brother Keeper. Although his name is English, it is available in several languages including French. Click on the link to go directly to the download page.

        Brother’s Keeper

  1. Hérédis 10

The second software is Hérédis 10.  To download it, click on the following link:

        Hérédis 10  

    3.  Généatique 2009

The third software is Généatique 2009.  To download it, click on the following link:

        Généatique 2009

   4.  My family Trees

The fourth software is my genealogy trees.  The Mes-arbres.net service is in place on the internet and has a great success.
Deposit your genealogies on the site, it’s simple and it’s free.

        Mes arbres généalogiques